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For over half a decade, our team has worked with companies and organisations from every industry and sector, providing invaluable tools to help them thrive

Data & Technology

Our applied AI expertise enables our data & technology partners to create new custom offerings, powered by Altimo’s robust suite of AI solutions


Leveraging our deep AI expertise and vast business experience, we acquire, scale and improve businesses. Our team operates across a wide range of transaction types in the B2C and B2SMB spaces, customizing our approach to suit each situation


Altimo’s mission is to transform the world’s largest companies with applied AI. To do so, we constantly seek to recruit leading academic researchers to our advisory network, working together to push the boundaries of applied AI research

We Offer

  • AI & Data Science Expertise

    AI & Data Science Expertise

  • Digital Marketing Experience

    Digital Marketing Experience

  • R&D Scaling & Expansion

    R&D Scaling & Expansion

  • Finance & Operations Support

    Finance & Operations Support

  • HR & Team-Building Leadership

    HR & Team-Building Leadership

  • Capital for Growth

    Capital for Growth

Our Partners

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